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Broiler Chicken - Fresh 1kg + 2 Items
Bought by suni suni from panivizha adoor Kerala, India
Total order for 261.00 
about 3 years ago
100%Organic Mango pulp 500g
100%Organic Mango pulp + 2 Items
Bought by DINAY THOMAS from parakodu p o adoor Kerala, India
Total order for 269.00 
about 3 years ago
Bought by Chhipy Mohan from Adoor ,
Total order for 283.00 
about 3 years ago
Aashirvaad Whole Wheat Atta 1Kg
Aashirvaad Wheat Atta 1Kg + 25 Items
Bought by VIJAYAN NAIR from ADOOR Kerala, India
Total order for 2,349.00 
about 3 years ago