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Al Faham - Grilled Chicken - FULL + 15 Items
Bought by from ,
Total order for 607.00 
about 3 years ago
JAYA RICE - 1Kg + 54 Items
Bought by JOY JOY from ADOOR Kerala, India
Total order for 2,262.00 
about 3 years ago
Broiler Chicken - Fresh 1kg + 2 Items
Bought by AJITHA Ajitha from KUNNATHUKARA ADOOR Kerala, India
Total order for 233.00 
about 3 years ago
Curry Kaya ( Green Banana) + 4 Items
Bought by Johnson Sam from Parakode po Kerala, India
Total order for 375.00 
about 3 years ago
WHITE RICE (LOOSE) Pachari 1kg + 13 Items
Bought by santhamma s from anandhapally adoor Kerala, India
Total order for 581.00 
about 3 years ago