You can buy dal online at which brings almost all varieties of dals. They are available in air tight packaging with complete assurance of quality and high nutritive value. Since we can shop wide varieties of pulses in a single click sitting at home or wherever we are, it saves lot of time and effort which we can utilize to do other works.

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Black Forest Cake - 1 KG + 1 Item
Bought by ZIYANA ZIYANA from AMMANKOVIL Kerala, India
Total order for 558.00 
about 3 years ago
Apple iPhone 7 - 32GB - Rose Gold
Bought by Ajin Vikraman from Kollam ,
Total order for 44,000.00 
about 3 years ago
TANG ORANGE ( 500 Gm) + 12 Items
Bought by Azhar Azhar from KANNAMKODU Kerala, India
Total order for 1,033.00 
about 3 years ago
Bought by SHAJI KARUVATTA from ADOOR Kerala, India
Total order for 1,079.00 
about 3 years ago
Gold Winner Refined Sunflower Oil 1Ltr
Gold Winner Refined Sunflower Oil + 4 Items
Bought by from ,
Total order for 153.00 
about 3 years ago